This album contains pictures of students in various capacities including going trick or treating, swimming, riding on the beach, competing, pony club events and just having fun. Horses are such wonderful creatures and it is so wonderful to share my herd with so many awesome people. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to teach riding and be the steward of my faithful crew.

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The above picture was from Scotland and is me and my daughter, Joanna on our trusty Scottish mounts . The pictures immediately below are from Iceland!  I traveled there twice with my 2 daughters, granddaughter and lots of other great friends/students.  There are also some pictures from our trip to Italy, Costa Rica,  France and Ireland. You should be able to tell the difference because the countryside is very different!  We try to ride in a different country every year. Last year, was a ride over mountains in France and onto the beach!

Photo Album

Parades, Pony club, Drill team horse show, Vaulting, Riding with NATRC on a competitive ride. One summer, we went 25 miles for 2 days in VA Highlands. We didn't like having to get up at 5 AM to ride!