During the summer months, the regular lesson schedule is suspended due to hot weather and vacation schedules. There will be evening classes offered for adults and interested students. We accept new riders with no previous riding experience in the Standard/Vaulting Clinics and evening lessons.

Standard Clinics: are offered in the mornings to take advantage of the cooler weather and to allow for a more concentrated learning program.  Students will spend one full day on Thursday during the week to help prepare for a cookout that evening, at which the evening meal will be cooked over an open fire.  During the clinic, the student is responsible for the care of their horse and tack.  Ring riding, trail riding, mounted games, vaulting and ground lessons are included.  Groups are limited to 8 riders. No fluff, lots of time in the saddle!

Vaulting Clinic:   Sessions are appropriate for beginning level as well as experienced vaulters preparing for Regionals (6/30-7/2; Lexington, VA) and Nationals (8/24-27; Utah)  Go to: www.americanvaulting.org for more information about vaulting. We are also doing an exchange with a vaulting team in Hannover, Germany June 20-27. They will host us with food/housing/ instruction and we will reciprocate next year!

USPC : United States Pony Club training for our team members and prep for those who qualified for Championships in Lexington, KY.

Assistant Instructor Clinic:  This is for older, more experienced students who want to assist at our Standard Clinics. Certified Horsemanship Association curriculum is followed, candidates teach lessons, role play students and are evaluated and at the end of the week, there will be a written test. There are 4 levels within this certification program. For more information about CHA, go to www.cha-ahse.org .


France Mountain to Sea Trail Trip: fantastic week of riding mountain to sea trail in South Eastern France flying into Bordeaux, June 11-18.  Price is about $1,500 plus airfare.


Fees:  $350/rider for Standard, Advanced, Assistant Instructor, and Vaulting Clinics or $80/daily vaulting.  $45/rider for evening group lessons and $80/rider for evening private lessons.


Schedule:  Standard Clinics - 8:00AM to 12:30 and on Thursday- the whole day; Vaulting Clinics and Assistant Instructor Clinic - 8:00AM to 3:00 PM.



Session 1: June 12-16 Vaulting Clinic- Prep for Regionals

Session 2: June 19-23 Standard Clinic

            Session 3: June 26-30 Standard Clinic

            Session 4: July 3-7 Standard Clinic

            Session 5: July 10-14 Standard Clinic and Mountain Trail Week, meals included for $750

Session 6: July 17-21 Standard Clinic

Session 7: July 24-28 Standard Clinic

Session 8: July 31-August 4; Standard Clinic and Mountain Trail Week

Session 9: August 7-11 Vaulting Clinic- Prep for Nationals

Session 10: August 14-18 Assistant Instructor Clinic










Phone:______________ Work Phone:______________ Cell Phone:____________________


Email Address: __________________________________________________________


Parent’s Names:__________________________________________________________


Describe Previous Riding Experience:_________________________________________






List Session Numbers you wish to attend:____________________


Pre-registration fee: $100.00 per rider per week (non-refundable, to be subtracted from remainder of clinic fee due on the first day of clinic).


Registration fee enclosed? ____________


Hold Harmless form with both parent’s signature enclosed? (if not already on file)______


Students are required to wear SEI/ASTM approved helmets, pants, shirts with short sleeves and boots with a small heel while riding.


Send form with payment [check made out to: SHEA-ROSE FARM, Inc.]


Carol Land

Shea-Rose Farm

2411 Waxhaw Marvin Road

Waxhaw, NC 28173


Any questions? Call Carol at 704-843-4306 or email at shearose@mindspring.com. Visit us on the web at: www.shearosevaulters.org or www.shearosefarm.com. 

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